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Mediators urge accepting the ceasefire plan; Netanyahu’s allies threaten to leave the government

Demand for Finalization of Ceasefire Agreement by Qataris, Egyptians, and Americans

Call for Ceasefire Agreement Finalization

Qatari, Egyptian, and American officials have demanded that Israel and Hamas finalize the approved ceasefire agreement initiated by President Biden.

Recent Attack on Rafah by Israeli Forces:

According to French news agency AFP, this statement from Qatari, Egyptian, and American officials comes at a time when Israeli forces launched an attack on tanks and artillery on the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

Biden’s Proposed Ceasefire:

President Biden termed this proposal as a “sustainable ceasefire and roadmap for the release of all prisoners.” However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that his country will continue the war until all its objectives are achieved.

Consistent Conditions for Israel:

Officials reiterated that there has been no change in Israel’s conditions for ending the war: the disarmament of Hamas’ military and government capabilities, the release of all prisoners, and ensuring that Gaza is no longer a threat to Israel.

Hamas’ Response:

The military wing of Hamas has stated that it views the proposal presented by President Biden in a positive light.

Joint Statement by Qatar, America, and Egypt:

In a joint statement, Qatar, America, and Egypt have demanded from both Hamas and Israel in ongoing negotiations for ceasefire and the release of prisoners that they finalize the agreement.

Implementation Phases:

President Biden mentioned that the first phase of the approved agreement would continue for six weeks and includes “complete and final ceasefire,” withdrawal of Israeli forces from all populated areas in Gaza, and the release of multiple Israeli prisoners, including women. Humanitarian aid will increase during this phase, with permission granted for 600 trucks to enter Gaza daily.

Subsequent Phases:

In the second phase, the release of all remaining Palestinian prisoners, including male fighters, will be included, and Israeli forces will withdraw from Gaza. American prisoners in Gaza will also be released during this phase, and the remaining assets of deceased prisoners will be returned to their families.

Hopes for Lasting Peace:

President Biden expressed hope that as long as Hamas adheres to its commitments, this “temporary ceasefire” will evolve into “permanent cessation of hostilities” in the words of Israeli proposals.

Reconstruction Efforts:

In the third phase, a call for substantial reconstruction in Gaza has been made, recognizing the need for reconstruction after the devastation caused by the war.

International Support:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke with Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey on Friday to rally support for the agreement, and discussions were held with Qatari, Egyptian, and Emirati ministers.

Opposition and Concerns:

Israeli opposition has authenticated the proposal, but Netanyahu’s allies have objected. Netanyahu insisted that Israel had accepted the proposal on a “conditional” basis and had been granted permission to maintain its military objectives.Netanyahu

Response from Ministers:

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Otmara Ben Gvir have stated that if they endorse the ceasefire, they will leave the government. Ben Gvir stated in an X statement that his party “will analyze the government,” while Smotrich said, “We demand the destruction of Hamas and the continuation of the war until all prisoners are returned.”



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